Becca & Bill get married

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Becca and Bill are the kind of laid back couple you just want to hang out with and get to know.  This made my job so incredibly easy, and fun, on their wedding day.  There was something kind of sweet … Continue reading

Nika & John wedding

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Usually when I arrive on someone’s wedding day and ask the bride how she’s feeling, it’s answered with some sort of hope about the day running smoothly.  When I got to Nika’s parents’ house and found her already in her … Continue reading

Amanda & Justin’s wedding

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Something new for me at Amanda and Justin’s wedding was not actually meeting them face to face until two days before their big day (or at least I couldn’t remember which couple they were at a wedding show).  I like … Continue reading

Rachel & David’s beach wedding

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It might be because I made some of the best memories of my childhood there, but I think there is something almost magical about northern Michigan.  Ever since our first meeting, I had been looking forward to Rachel and David’s … Continue reading

Nikki & Shaun’s wedding

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There was so much I loved about Nikki and Shaun’s wedding.  Nikki is an art teacher and did such an amazing job hand-making many different parts of her wedding.  She had a fantastic vision and did a wonderful job making … Continue reading

Margaret & Paul

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Sometimes I’m taken aback by the fact that I am not only invited to document one of the most intimate and personal days of a couple’s life, but just to even witness that day is an incredibly special thing.  Sure, … Continue reading

Lisa and Gary’s wedding

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Something that I love about each one of my brides is that they all have such different taste.  It makes my job so exciting to see the same event done in so many different ways and executed beautifully each time. … Continue reading

Ericka & Chad tie the knot!

I have known Ericka and her family since I was in high school and I was very excited to get to know her more, and her fiance Chad, during the time I spent with them in their wedding planning and photographing their wedding day.  With 13 weddings photographed this summer, I was excited to have Ericka and Chad as my last for the 2010 season.  Not only was I less than 10 minutes from home, after an exhausting four month tour of Michigan, but I was happy to be a part of wedding filled with so many people I know and love.

Ericka and Chad, I hope you will always cherish the blessing you have in your marriage to each other.  I had a great time photographing your wedding and learning more about who each of you are.  Ericka, you have always been such a fun loving, happy person and I am so glad to see the incredible man God gave you to spend the rest of your life with in Chad.  Congratulations!
































Mr. & Mrs. C

I had the great honor of photographing my first military wedding earlier this month.  This is something that I have been waiting for since I started photographing weddings and seemed a little more special to me now that my very own baby brother is now a part of the military.

Well if I was going to have to photograph a military wedding, this was a great one to break me in.  Andrea and Paul got married at the War Memorial in Grosse Pointe, with a beautiful back-drop of Lake St. Clair.  Andrea has been one of the brides I have had the most fun with and she has had me laughing via email for many months now.  I loved how much her personal style came through in every part of this wedding, especially every part she crafted herself (I was truly impressed!).

Paul and Andrea, you have been incredible to work with this entire process and I couldn’t have asked for a more gracious, enthusiastic, and real couple to work with.  It was amazing to watch your love for each other shine through these photographs and impact your family and friends at your wedding.  I have to say I have the utmost respect first of all, for Paul’s service and dedication to this country, but also for the sacrifice you, Andrea will be making in this first year of your marriage.  I am amazed at the sacrifice military families make and incredibly thankful that they do.
























May God bless Paul’s time over-seas and your marriage in this next year.

Emily & Larry

Emily and Larry had a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary’s Student Parish in Ann Arbor at the beginning of October.  Even with the rain, Emily was such a fantastic bride and she even braved the wet weather for a few pictures as it started to rain just as soon as we reached Gallup Park.  I love that Larry, a Michigan grad, allowed his bride to take a few shots with her Buckeyes in-front of the Big House.  Weber’s did an awesome job with the reception and I have to say I was so impressed with the wedding cake that was made in-house.  Seriously, it was fantastically huge and beautiful, and tasted great (so I was told).  Everyone had a great time and I think by the photos you can tell how happy they were to celebrate the beginning to Emily and Larry’s marriage.

Congratulations again guys!