Exciting News

In case you have yet to hear, I am excited to announce that I have a permanent space in downtown Ann Arbor with my sisters/business partners. Imagine Three Beauty Studio is located at 201 E Liberty and it houses a fully functioning salon, retail space for natural makeup and hair products, as well as an office space for me to conduct client meetings.

I have been so proud to be partnered with my sisters for several years now, offering the option of all three services to brides as well as some of our own creative ventures. It still seems like a dream though that we are now able to be housed together in such a great location.

One of the most exciting parts of this whole venture is to see my sister Julie realize her goal of offering hair services that don’t compromise health for beauty and vise versa. Her goal with the salon was to offer as much of a chemical free experience as possible and products that contain natural and organic ingredients. Hannah is also able to provide natural cosmetics and skin care products in the retail space, application and as a consultant for your own makeup bag.

Mlive released an article about the venture today where you can get more details and view some images of the space.


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Well hello wedding season.

So I decided to mix things up today and actually write a blog post instead of just filling it with lovely photos. I have realized that there isn’t much of my own voice, other than my creative voice, on my blog, and I wanted to share something a little more personal.

Tomorrow is my first wedding of 2012 and I’m excited and nervous and antsy all in one. I have a lot of what I would like to think is down time during the winter and early spring, and for the last few years I have sat down and written a set of goals for myself to accomplish in that time. This past year, a lot of the goals were more personal than business related, but as I went about accomplishing them, I realized how much my personal life does affect my business. In March I had a little awakening and realized that my two lives really aren’t separate, and what I really needed was to find balance between them.

I am mom to two wonderful children and wife to an amazing man AND I am a photographer. I can’t neglect one of these and expect to shine in the others. Wearing these three different hats all make me happy and they all are a huge part of who I am. So instead of being overwhelmed by the huge amount of responsibilities I have, I have decided to take them on with a new energy and strong drive and meet them all with the passion and I love I have for them.

This is why I don’t really write more personal blogs, I feel like a rambling nutcase! What I wanted to accomplish in this was to say that I am the type of person who doesn’t feel like I have arrived. I am the type of person who sees each day as another day to try and do something better and add more knowledge to my talents. So, wedding season, you may be the most hectic time of my year, but you are an opportunity to create better images than I ever have each wedding, and you are a challenge to be a better mom and wife with everything I have on my plate.

Readers, stick with me as I have the opportunity to post the images I will capture this season, introduce an exciting project I am working on and share my growth.

I’ll end this post with the two cutest munchkins in the world.


Join us for a great cause!

Please join Imagine Three in efforts to raise money for “Out of the Darkness” Community Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  We will also be walking or volunteering at the walk on September 19 at Gallup Park, so please come join us in raising awareness.  To learn more about the walk and foundation please visit http://www.outofthedarkness.org/

Imagine Three will be offering a package of all three professional services for auction.  All proceeds will donated to “Out of the Darkness” Community Walk at Gallup Park September 19.  The auction will close August 31st.  The highest bidder at midnight on August 31st will be the lucky winner.  The donation will made in your name on the Imagine Three fundraising page.

Imagine Three Package

Value: $330

Starting minimum bid: $70

Package contains:

Full face make-up

Formal/Event Hair Styling

1 hr Photo Session

Photo Editing

Disk of photos with full rights

This package is perfect for senior girls session, engagement session, head shots & modeling portfolio, sweet sixteen photo shoot & website promotional photos.  Or just because you want to look great and have your own photo shoot!

To bid please fill out a comment with your name, bid amount, and email address and the package will be rewarded to the highest bidder.

Chad & Angie’s wedding

Chad and Angie got married in Flint where Angie is originally from.  Her parents’ church was a beautiful setting for their wedding and emotion-filled ceremony.  I have to say everyone at and in the wedding were some of the nicest people I have met.  Everyone was great and helpful even though it turned out to be such a hot day.  I think the best was when someone went on a Dairy Queen run for the wedding party to cool off during pictures in the church with no AC.

Chad’s twin sons were a part of the wedding party and were two of the most polite and sweet young men I have met.  Chad and Angie and the boys lit a unity candle together to signify their union as a new family.

Chad and Angie’s wedding day also happened to be Angie’s grandparents’ 62nd wedding anniversary.  Angie and Chad surprised them with their very own cake to celebrate their big day as well.  I loved that they still got up on the dance floor and enjoyed themselves so much that day.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and I hope you had an awesome time in Hawaii!

Here we are!

Please welcome me to the blogging world. I am Whitney Keeler, the photographer of Imagine Three, and this is my first official blog! Wedding season is in full swing and I am way behind on getting this started and sharing some of my favorite shots from this year. In the next few posts I will be giving major snippets of weddings I have done this year as well as the work of the other 2/3 of Imagine Three, hairstylist Julie Hill and make-up artist Hannah Butler.

I am very proud to be able to work closely with my sisters Julie and Hannah and I am excited to be able to share with others what we have been up to. Keep coming back to see the beautiful work of Imagine Three and contact us if you want to become one of our subjects. We love being apart of special times in our clients’ lives and making them memorably beautiful.

Whitney Keeler- photographer for Imagine Three

Whitney Keeler- photographer for Imagine Three