Exciting News

In case you have yet to hear, I am excited to announce that I have a permanent space in downtown Ann Arbor with my sisters/business partners. Imagine Three Beauty Studio is located at 201 E Liberty and it houses a fully functioning salon, retail space for natural makeup and hair products, as well as an office space for me to conduct client meetings.

I have been so proud to be partnered with my sisters for several years now, offering the option of all three services to brides as well as some of our own creative ventures. It still seems like a dream though that we are now able to be housed together in such a great location.

One of the most exciting parts of this whole venture is to see my sister Julie realize her goal of offering hair services that don’t compromise health for beauty and vise versa. Her goal with the salon was to offer as much of a chemical free experience as possible and products that contain natural and organic ingredients. Hannah is also able to provide natural cosmetics and skin care products in the retail space, application and as a consultant for your own makeup bag.

Mlive released an article about the venture today where you can get more details and view some images of the space.


Screenshot 2015-01-12 11.54.42


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