Well hello wedding season.

So I decided to mix things up today and actually write a blog post instead of just filling it with lovely photos. I have realized that there isn’t much of my own voice, other than my creative voice, on my blog, and I wanted to share something a little more personal.

Tomorrow is my first wedding of 2012 and I’m excited and nervous and antsy all in one. I have a lot of what I would like to think is down time during the winter and early spring, and for the last few years I have sat down and written a set of goals for myself to accomplish in that time. This past year, a lot of the goals were more personal than business related, but as I went about accomplishing them, I realized how much my personal life does affect my business. In March I had a little awakening and realized that my two lives really aren’t separate, and what I really needed was to find balance between them.

I am mom to two wonderful children and wife to an amazing man AND I am a photographer. I can’t neglect one of these and expect to shine in the others. Wearing these three different hats all make me happy and they all are a huge part of who I am. So instead of being overwhelmed by the huge amount of responsibilities I have, I have decided to take them on with a new energy and strong drive and meet them all with the passion and I love I have for them.

This is why I don’t really write more personal blogs, I feel like a rambling nutcase! What I wanted to accomplish in this was to say that I am the type of person who doesn’t feel like I have arrived. I am the type of person who sees each day as another day to try and do something better and add more knowledge to my talents. So, wedding season, you may be the most hectic time of my year, but you are an opportunity to create better images than I ever have each wedding, and you are a challenge to be a better mom and wife with everything I have on my plate.

Readers, stick with me as I have the opportunity to post the images I will capture this season, introduce an exciting project I am working on and share my growth.

I’ll end this post with the two cutest munchkins in the world.



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