Ashley & Jon’s wedding

I’ll never forget at the end of our first meeting when Jon chimed into the conversation Ashley and I were having and congratulated us on becoming friends.  Together, this lovely couple had come up with a clear vision for what they wanted their wedding day to look like and how photography would play into that vision.  From the moment I met Ashley I could tell her style was elegantly classic and she told me that this was what she wanted her wedding to express.  I think the ability for me to connect and to Ashley’s vision gave us the ability to really work smoothly throughout the entire process.  On the day of the wedding I was so excited for this couple because their wedding matched perfectly with the vision they had described to me.

As beautiful as all the details were, none of them could compare with the amount of love that was expressed on their day as well.  Jon captivated the room with his loving speech that thanked his parents who came all the way from Hong Kong, expressed his gratitude to his new in-laws, and his incredible expression of love and commitment to his bride.  The night went on with guests crowding the dance floor and the couple joining right in.

Jon and Ashley, I hope your wedding day was a dream-come-true for you and that you feel these photos capture that.  Congratulations!

Ashley's niece was a complete sweetheart the whole day!


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